1000W inverter stop working suddenly and can't restart

1000W inverter stop working suddenly and can't restart


BP Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12VDC 220VAC 1000W


The inverter suddenly stop working under normal power-on conditions, and then can’t restart.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause

1. Check the main board and find that the copper foil at the switch interface position is lifted, and the flame retardant layer is off. Change the position to correspond to the positive electrode of the battery, and connect the switch board and the remote interface (as shown in the red box on the right).

2. According to the damaged circuit, confirm that when the inverter is energized, the negative pole of the battery is short-circuited with the remote switch on the panel, and the internal positive and negative poles are short-circuited and the circuit board is burned out.

Solutions and steps

The PCB board is damaged, cannot be repaired, and the inverter is scrapped.