1000W inverter cannot running when battery voltage between 41V - 42V

1000W inverter cannot running when battery voltage between 41V - 42V


BP Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000W 220V


1. Wiring mode of the faulty machine: the rocker switch on the switch board is in a short-circuit state, and daily power supply started by switching battery input.
2. Failure phenomenon of customer's inverter: When the lithium battery is charged to between 41~42V, the inverter cannot be started, and switching input switch is invalid for multiple times. 
The rocker switch must be turned off and restarted then the inverter can be started.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
1. By testing the company's existing inverter of the same model, it was found that the output voltage of the converter PCBs of some inverters did not reach DC12V, only about 6, 7V, and it was unable to drive the rear driver board to start.
2. On the other hand, the same failure problem will occur when the rear driver board is in a dead state, which is most likely caused by a problem with the chip EG8010 on the rear board. After replacing the EG8010 faulty chip that appeared before, test it and confirm that it cannot be restarted after it fails to start.

Solutions and steps

1. For the situation in analysis 1, now use TOP222 small switching power supply, replace it with 223, increase the power, and ensure that the output voltage is maintained at about 12V.
2. For the situation in analysis 2, replace the rear driver board.

1. The rear drive board.
2. 36V step-down board, output DC12V voltage.
3. External step-down board to increase power.