6000w inverter stops outputting after running with load

6000W inverter stops outputting after running with load


BP series pure sine wave inverter 12VDC 220VAC 6000W


The device fails and stops outputting in seconds after running with load.

Specific Performance: Inverter's front end has been connected with 5 batteries (aged batteries after using many years) in parallel, and its back end loads with electric welding machine. If welding machine's current is set as 176A, inverter can work normally, but if the current is 200A, the inverter fails to output.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause

1. Battery has aged so that its output is unsteady. (Customers did not measure battery's voltage in adavance.)
2. Output overloads. (200A output current of electric welding machine has beyond inverter's 6000W rated power.)

Solutions and steps:

Inverter is normal but misused. Replace the battery or reduce the load.