Display not same actual situation of BPlus 2000w inverter

Display not same actual situation of BPlus 2000W inverter


BPlus series pure sine wave inverter 2000W 12VDC 120VAC


1. DC input voltage 11.3V, input current 0.2167A. But the data shown on inverter display is inconsistent with the actual situation. As shown in figure 1.
2. Theoretically, the machine's output voltage is 110V , but shown on display is around 220V, and its actual output is  0V.
3. S-C failure occurs after starting up.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
DC voltage and current value does not reach the standard value to start up the machine, so the display shows wrong information.

Solutions and steps

1. Turn up DC voltage and input current;
2. Connect good battery to inverter.