HeliosII can not be turned on to detect

HeliosII can not be turned on to detect


Helios II series off grid solar inverter

First, after the normal all-in-one machine is turned on, you can hear the sound of the relay suction, the CPU board indicates that the red light is on, the display lights up and accompanied by a buzzer sound (one).

Second, if there is no relay suction sound after power on, the CPU board indicator light is not lit.
a: test the switch itself is damaged. 
b: test the auxiliary power +12V, +5V is normal.

Third, the test results to determine.
a: the switch itself for the 4-cell line, 1, 2 pin position for the battery positive, open the switch, 3, 4 pin position and 1, 2 pin position conductive, if 3, 4 pin position has been no voltage, the switch is damaged.
b: in 1 judgment under normal conditions, test the auxiliary power supply, if no auxiliary power supply voltage, auxiliary power supply part of the chip damage or other components damage caused.