Input voltage 48V, BP 3000w broke down after starting up

48VDC 3000 watt inverter broke down after starting up


BP series pure sine wave inverter 3000W 48VDC 220VAC


1. Input voltage is 48V, under light condition and with no load;
2. In above state, trouble light is on and buzzer keeps alarming.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
1. DC voltage is low or at a critical point, so the inverter cannot be started;
2. Components is void-welding so poor cotact occurs and the inverter cannot be started normally after transportation;
3. The customer started the inverter with high power load which leads to the damage of MOS tube. And did not truthfully report the situation.

Solutions and steps

According to reason analysis, if the inverter could start after higher the input voltage, the trouble reason is the first.