No output after running 2-3 months of BP 2000 watt power inverter

No output after running 2-3 months of BP 2000 watt power inverter


BP series pure sine wave inverter 2000W 12VDC 220VAC


No output after using for 2-3 months, red and blue light are on at same time. 

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
1.The ambient temperature and humidity of the inverter is very high, because the BP series are equipped with fans, some particles with trace amounts of water will be sucked into the inverter, resulting in damage to the components in the inverter because of a short circuit of the CPU.
2. If it is installed on a car, especially in the engine compartment or beside the battery compartment of a large truck, the ambient temperature around the inverter is high and water is easy to enter. The inverter is an electronic product and does not have the waterproof function. As long as water enters the inverter, a short circuit will occur, resulting in damage of the inverter.
3.For items with chemical components in the operating environment, if the inverter is installed too close, or the water inlet happens to heavy salt water entering for a long time, it will cause the PCB board to become moldy or salt spray crystals, which will lead to short circuit and damage.

Fault Causes

DC input part and AC output part mosfet broken.

Solutions and steps

Replace damaged components.