Portable power supply turned on inverter damage

Portable power supply turned on inverter damage


BPlus Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter 36VDC/1000W/220VAC


B36P1000-2 which integrated into the portable power supply will be damaged when it is turned on.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
1. When checking the usage status of the customer, it was found that the customer short-circuited the switch, which was in the normally open state, and the start-up of the inverter was controlled by a DC short circuit on the DC side. 
2. If the short-circuit protection has not been released by the customer, the inverter is damaged by shutting down and then turning it on again. 
3. The BP series only supports the short-circuit protection of the inverter during operation. If the output terminal is in the short-circuited state, the inverter will be damaged if it is turned on again.

Solutions and steps

Replace the rear MOSFET and SPWM driver board, and add a relay circuit at the output end, then supply power to the load after the inverter has a stable output.