12VDC 600W inverter does not working for electric blanket

12VDC 600W inverter does not working for electric blanket


BP Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12VDC 220VAC 600W


1. It is normal with other loads, and the electric blanket does not work after charging the electric blanket.

2. In laboratory test, after the inverter works with the customer's electric blanket, the output voltage waveform is measured, which is seriously distorted, as shown in the figure.

3. After replacing high-power BP series inverters and low-power BPlus series inverters, the waveform is slightly distorted and does not affect the work.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause

1. The inductance of the resistance wire winding method of this type of electric blanket affects the BP output waveform.

2. The output of BP series is unipolar output, which has weak abililty of similar anti-interference, and the output waveform is easily affected and distorted.

Solutions and steps

It is recommended that customers change to BPlus series products, which have strong anti-interference performance.